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The impact of regional factors on leaving home in Spain: A multilevel approach

Number: 17
Year: 2009
Author(s): Agnese Vitali
Keywords: leaving home,multilevel models,Spain
In this paper the question of within-country heterogeneity in patterns of transition to adulthood is addressed, focusing on the exit from the parental home in Spain, a country representative of the latest-late transition to adulthood. Microcensus data are used to investigate the relative weight that structural-contextual factors measured at the municipal level and cultural factors measured at the provincial level might have in explaining regional existing differences in the transition to independent living, by applying multilevel multinomial logistic model on three choices of living arrangements, namely, co-residing with parents, living outside the parental home and in partnership, living outside the parental home and not in partnership.

Agnese Vitali

Universita Bocconi, Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics





Keywords: Leaving home, multilevel models, Spain


Download: The paper may be downloaded here.