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Simulations and agent-based modelling

Number: 21
Year: 2009
Author(s): Jacopo A. Baggio, Rodolfo Baggio
Keywords: agent-based models,simulations,complex systems,tourism destination
Agent-based modelling and numerical simulations are means that facilitate exploring the structural and dynamic characteristics of systems which may prove intractable with analytical methods. This contribution examines the issues related to them with a particular attention to their use in the study of social economic and ecological systems. Besides a general description, the possibilities, limitations and their relationship with other more traditional investigation methods are examined. Special focus is put on the assessment of their validation and reliability. Finally an application example is provided. A simple model is built to analyse the movements of tourists and the relationship between these and the attractiveness of a tourism destination. The results are discussed along with possible future developments.

Jacopo A. Baggio

University of East Anglia, School of International Development


Rodolfo Baggio

Universita Bocconi, Master in Economics and Tourism and Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics




Keywords: agent-based models, simulations, complex systems, tourism destination


Download: The paper may be downloaded here.