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Pierluigi Conzo

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He is Associate Professor of Economics at the Dept. of Economics & Statistics “Cognetti de Martiis” of the Univ. of Turin, and research affiliate at Collegio Carlo Alberto. He studied Political Science at Bachelor’s and Master’s level at the Univ. Federico II in Naples. Then he received the MSc in Development Economics and the PhD in Economic Theory & Institutions at the Univ. of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Although he was trained as an economis, his research topics are at the intersection between different social sciences. They include social preferences (e.g. trust, altruism, cooperation), subjective well-being, happiness and development (e.g. microfinance, civil war and natural disasters). He uses experimental- and applied-economics methods such as fieldworks, lab-experiments, policy evaluation tools and analysis of survey data. He founded and currently lead CLOSER (Center for LabOratory Simulations and Experimental Research) in Turin, with the aim of bringing together psychologists, sociologists and economists for a broader understanding of human behavior. Since Jan 2020, jointly with other scholars, he serves as a behavioural economist in the group of economic experts of the Ministry of Environment, with the aim of designing “green nudging” interventions.