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Welfare State and Taxation Unit

Coordinator: Simone Ghislandi


The Welfare State and Taxation (WST) Unit focuses its research on the analysis of public sector intervention in the economy. We are interested in the study of the design and effects of public policy and in how public policies interact with economic and social phenomena. We carry out theoretical and empirical work of the highest quality and relevance, with the goal of affecting policy and the public debate.


The Welfare State and Taxation Unit also aims to provide a forum where local and international scholars can interact and enhance research on public policy topics, organizing seminars and workshops and offering short-term visiting positions.


Our research group has developed key expertise and conducts research on:

  • Taxation and individual and firm behaviour, also using microsimulation models
  • Pensions, health care systems, and ageing
  • Gender and policies to promote equality and female empowerment (also see the Dondena Gender Initiative)
  • Migration, access, and use of the welfare state
  • Income inequality
  • The impact of technology and AI on society and the application of AI and computational tools in Social Science research projects. See the page of the Dondena AI and Society Initiative (DAISI)  for more information


Until mid-2014, the activities of this unit were conducted within Econpubblica, the Centre for Research on the Economics of the Public Sector, which in 2014 joined forces with the Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics to create the Dondena Center for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy. See the Econpubblica website  for our activity through 2014.


Please contact Simone Ghislandi for information on the activities of the WST unit.