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Dondena AI and Society Initiative (DAISI)

We are happy to announce the launch of the new Dondena AI and Society Initiative (DAISI).

DAISI’s activities focus on the impact of AI on Society and on the application of AI and computational tools to Social Science research. DAISI's objective is to facilitate the contamination of Social Science research with knowledge from Computer Science and to act as a methodological support element for the research of other Dondena Researchers.

The three main activities of DAISI are:

1. connecting Bocconi researchers already experimenting with AI and computational applications to social science questions with the goal of exchanging experiences, issues and solutions through a brown bag informal seminar series where Bocconi researchers discuss their AI applications to social science research questions and a reading group for literature reviews of AI tools and application and for idea generation.

2. organizing mini courses and workshops led by Computer Science faculty aimed at helping Social Science researchers learn new AI and Computational advancements and their potential application to Social Science research.

3. inviting leading scholars doing cutting-edge research on these topics to spend 2/3 days at Dondena for a standard seminar and for short 2/4 hour courses/in-depth discussions wit the faculty/PhD students.


AI-generated photo of a large, vibrant daisy flower, the petals are made of intricately interwoven digital binary code in green and black, symbolizing the impact of AI on society. The center of the daisy is a globe representing the global influence of AI, with tiny digital screens showcasing various aspects of society such as education, healthcare and robotics around the globe.

The image was generated by openAI Dall-E in response to the following prompt: “I am a social science researcher organizing a research initiative about "AI and Society". The initiative will have the acronym DAISI reminding of the flower daisy. Can you generate the picture of a daisy that also contains references to the impact of artificial intelligence on society?”