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European Research Council

The ERC is established by the European Commission and funded through the EU 7th Research Framework Programme

General field of the research

Life course consequences of demographic change


Project aims

  1. To advance knowledge and understanding of the life course consequences of new demographic behaviour, including leaving home, cohabitation, out-of-wedlock childbearing (i.e. single motherhood), divorce, remarriage and step-families.
  2. To apply, develop and disseminate appropriate statistical and econometric techniques for the study of the life course consequences of demographic behaviours.
  3. To apply and develop outcome measures that include economic wellbeing (poverty and multi-dimensional deprivation indices), parents, children and grandparents' attitudes and value orientation, and other related demographic outcomes such as education, employment, child outcomes, as well as intergenerational outcomes.
  4. Given defined outcomes, analyse and review how policies are related and can be linked to the demographic behaviour of interest. Link the research results to potential social and economic policies by a) taking a comparative view and b) applying appropriate statistical techniques.


Dondena activities

Bocconi University is the host University. CODEC project is based in Dondena.


Dondena researchers

Arnstein Aassve (Principal Investigator)
Chiara Pronzato (Research Fellow)
Lara Patrício Tavares (Research Fellow)



Funded by the ERC (7th Research Framework Programme).
2007-StG- (contract number 201194)



July 2008 - June 2013



Pronzato C. (2009), Return to work after childbirth: does parental leave matter in Europe?, Review of Economics of the Household