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General field of the research

Demography, Epidemiological modelling, pandemic influenza, social and economic acceptability of public health measures

Project aims

Main objective of the project is arriving at an accurate and data-based modelling of the expected course of an influenza pandemic, and of the impact of public health measures on its scale and severity. Aims of the project include the study of the social acceptability of public health measures during a pandemic, and of the behavioural changes that are to be expected in such circumstances. Final aim will be the development of a knowledge-based computational environment necessary for real-time analysis and modelling in case of a pandemic.

Dondena activities

The unit at Dondena will cooperate in the modelling and model parameterisation using time-use information as well as contact pattern data and it will contribute to the analysis of various containment and mitigation strategies. The economic acceptability of alternative control measures will also be evaluated.

Dondena researchers

Francesco Billari

Alessia Melegaro

Piero Manfredi


FLUMODCONT project coordinator: University of Trento (

Other partners are listed on the FLUMODCONT project site (

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Funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Programme, contract number: 201601)