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General field of the research

Organizational psychology, development, poverty reduction

Project aims

The Task Force is an international, non-partisan initiative formed to link organizational psychology and its institutions with development and humanitarian agencies


Dondena activities

Participation in the activities of the Global Task Force for Humanitarian Work Psychology


Dondena researchers

Jane Klobas


The Global Task Force for Humanitarian Work Psychology is coordinated by Stuart Carr, (Poverty Research Group, Massey University, New Zealand), Dr. Mary Berry-O'Neil (USA) and Dr. Leo Marai (Papua New Guinea).

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Project web site

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An ongoing project since 2008



Carr, S. C., Furnham, A., MacLachlan, M., Klobas, J., O'Neill-Berry, M., Reichman, W. (2008). Organizational psychology and poverty reduction: From supply to demand. [Commentary] Journal of Organizational Behavior, 29(7), 843-851. doi: 10.1002/job.548.