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General field of the research


Epidemiological modelling, public health, economic evaluation of vaccination programmes in developing countries setting


Project aims


The project aims to provide help and support to public health policy decision makers in middle and low income countries on the introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV) in their national Immunisation Programme, on the timing and on the optimal schedule. The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alternative pneumococcal vaccination schedules will be evaluated using a realistic age-structured transmission dynamic model that will be parameterised with local country specific data. The indirect effects of vaccination at both the individual and population levels (i.e. herd immunity and serotype-replacement) will be considered, as well as the associated epidemiological and economic uncertainties of model parameters.


Dondena activities


The unit at Dondena, in collaboration with Initiative for Vaccine Research, World Health Organisation (WHO), will coordinate the gathering and collation of local country-specific epidemiological and economic data and will lead on the development of the model and the evaluation of the national programmes.


Dondena researchers

Alessia Melegaro



Initiative for Vaccine Research, World Health Organisation (


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Funded by WHO, Initiative for Vaccine Research