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Redesigning Municipal Services

Redisigning Municipal Services to Create City Value in the Aftermath of Covid-19

Funding body: US Embassy
Grant Holder: Greta Nasi
Project Duration: 2020-2021

Project Description: The scope of the program is to investigate how to re-design the government-citizens/businesses relationship in cities in the aftermath of a pandemic emergency as Covid-19. Cities have to adjust to new ways of living thus taking the opportunity for generating long-term effects. This involves governmental actors the private and not-for-profit sectors and individuals. The project will identify and propose practical solutions and policy recommendations for municipal governments to foster the evolution of city services in post-emergencies times addressing the necessary steps (regulation governance organization and digital capacity) for an agile adoption. The expected impacts of the project are three: to enhance the well-being of individuals and influence their behavior (public interest); to empower municipal governments in transforming the functioning of public services through new practices and foster the attractiveness of cities (government interest) and to facilitate individuals’ entrepreneurial opportunities (organization interest).