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The timing of life


Collecting and analyzing life course data in the European Social Survey (Round 3, 2006, 26 countries expected). Main questions:

  1. to what extent do citizens perceive the life course as a structured sequence of life stages, and which events mark the transition from one stage to the other?
  2. do social norms concerning the life course exist, and if so, to what extent are these norms backed by sanctions?
  3. what are the expectations and capacities of citizens concerning life course planning?


Dondena activities

Coordination of development of European Social Survey questions about life course. Analysis of responses to these questions.


Dondena researchers

Francesco Billari



European Social Survey coordinator: Centre for Comparative Social Surveys, City University, London


Partners in developing the life course section:

Gunhild O. Hagestad, Agder University College, Norway

Aat C. Liefbroer, NIDI (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute), The Hague

Zsolt Spéder, Demographic Research Institute, Hungarian Central Statistical Office



Data collection funded by the European Social Survey under the European Commission 6th Framework Programme.



2005-2008 (expected)