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Toxic Masculinity

New Masculinity: the key to prevent violence against women

Funding body: Plan Italia Onlus
Grant Holder: Paola Profeta
Project Duration: 2020-2021


Raymond Jacky Shama: he is a graduate of the MSc in Economic and Social Sciences (ESS) at Bocconi University. During his academic career, he had the opportunity to work as a data analyst on Foundation’s investments towards Gender at the OECD. Moreover he deepened his interests in the quantitative analysis of gender issues by working on a project aimed at investigating new masculinity models and their relation with violence against women in Italy. In the upcoming months, he will deepen his research interests by working for FAO in the statistics department, specifically on monitoring the SDGs related to gender issues.

Project Description: Elaboration of a survey and a original database about "Toxic Masculinity", highlighting this topic and linking it to the gender-based violence. The collection of original data is for the University a very interesting opportunity because the literature on this topic is at a starting point but it's turning more and more important. Bocconi University will be involved in the initiative for the implementation of the following activities: 

  • literature and data analysis in cooperation with Plan IT;
  • holding of 8 focus groups;
  • data analysis of the focus groups and the interviews;
  • elaboration of a Results Report with Plan IT's support.